Apex Velo partners with HIA Velo/Allied

Mark Strasnick on 17 Mar, 2017

Premium handmade carbon made in the USA at a very reasonable price

We are proud to announce our partnership with HIA Velo and their new brand Allied Cycle Works

Apex Velo is one of two dozen shops in the US that will be partnering with HIA Velo to sell their bikes

Their bikes will be offered under the Allied Cycle Works brand. Currently two models will be offered, the Alfa and the Echo. We will have Alfa demo bikes arrived in April as they come off the production line.  Please check out their website https://alliedcycleworks.com for more information, or contact us at [email protected]


In their own words, what makes HIA Velo different than any other bike company?

Without a doubt, we are building a culture within the walls of our USA factory. Your bike is designed and produced by cyclists who love to ride. We feel what you feel; we do what you do; your passion is our passion, and it shows in our bikes.

The culture starts with team. A quick glance through our bio page proves we’ve assembled the best American talent this industry can offer. In addition, every person at HIA Velo believes in the mission to bring bicycle manufacturing back to the United States. MADE HERE BUILT HERE isn’t just an ethereal slogan. It’s a tangible, every day commitment to create a brand that means something to people.

As of 2016, we demonstrate with pride that bikes can be made on home soil and still compete head to head with competitors who out-source to Asia. We have made every effort — at every process from raw material to paint — to source domestically. We are HIA Velo, and we provide best in class bicycles MADE HERE BUILT HERE.


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