Colnago V2R

15 Nov, 2017

All Around Stallion

Colnago is a brand that has built its reputation on its lugged bikes. That being said, its long-standing collaboration with Ferrari's F1 team has helped them produce some impressive monocoque as well. The prior generation V1-R was a very nice bike, if you were under 150lbs. Otherwise the rear end was too soft.  This has been fixed on the V2-R and some other small tweaks have been made to further improve the frame. For around $1,500 less than a C60, you can have a bike that truly rivals its handmade Italian sibling.

The build is complete with a Dura Ace 9150 groupset, custom Enve/Chris King wheels, Quarq power meter and some very nice finishing touches.

It is rare that we build a bike that is 'slammed.'  But for this client, his fit dictates a negative 17 degree stem on the headset cover to achieve the proper position.


Power meters have become ubiquitous on high-builds these days for good reason.  They help provide a true sense of what you are doing out on the road and as a training tool they are extremely useful.  Quarq's offerings are high quality and offer the performance for their cost. Hard to see from here, but there are new Dura Ace 9100 pedals bolted to the crank arms.


Founder Ernesto Colnago's signature adorns the top tube. Note the new seat post wedge clamp as well as the super light and suburb feeling Jagwire Elite brake housing. 


On the other side you can see it is all about the small touches- rubber frame protectors on the brake line to prevent the paint from scratching and also the Colnago Clover to let those behind you know what frame just passed them.


The front end is just as tidy -shrink wrapped Di2/Brake Line and clean tape lines with an internal Di2 Bar Junction, no unsightly Junction Box hanging from the stem.  Note the sprint shifters peaking out from the tape on the drops. Simply put, this is the trick part that you have to use to appreciate.


Another view of the Dura Ace levers, Shimano Aero Vibe bar and sprint shifters.


Custom laced Enve 4.5 rims to red Chris King hubs. 


Direct mount brakes provide improved feel and large tire clearance.  While black is still a very popular color, we love the tasteful red accents on this bike.



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