The Superlative Hybrid

Mark Strasnick on 27 May, 2017

Let's Ride

We have built our on business on doing things that other shops either can't or won't.  While that normally, that means providing a level of service above and beyond the current playing field, in this case it went a step further.  A friend and client of ours is trying to do one of the hardest things one can in cycling, getting their spouse to ride consistently and without conflict.  No, 'This is uncomfortable'.  No 'Keep up!'. Just happy miles in the sunshine.  With no expense spared (and no battery to charge, a hard limit of this build) we came up with a bike that we think is the best hybrid ever created. By utilizing a wild mix of components, insanely light wheels, a 1x drivetrain, downhill sweptback bars and a few trick pieces in between, beware of this beast ripping up the trails in Nantucket this summer!


Dura Ace 9100 Brakes grabbing Mavic's updated Exalith 2 braking surface on their R-SYS SLR wheels. Sub 1,300 grams for a clincher! To keep the bike rolling smoothly we went with our favorite, Vittoria's Corsa G+ in 28c. Note the green anodized cable end to accent the set up.


Detail on the R-SYS SLR's carbon spokes 


We went with the tried and true 9000 crankset to mate to the 38t Wolf Tooth Narrow Wide chainring for our 1x set up (no such option would exist for a 9100 crankset). Note the rear brake tucked next to the BB. Scott's design has been a huge benfiit on New England's rough roads where super supple seat stays are allowed extra freedom of movement with no brake bridge to limit their travel.  The  BB shell can handle even the strongest sprinter's max effort. Despite gold chain's having a massive spike in popularity, we decided to stick with Shimano's Dura Ace Chain. We can always spice it up in the future.


Hills? Flats? Downhill with the wind to your back? Nothing is a problem with an 11-40 XTR cassette out back.  


Up front this bar from Answer was a huge help in reducing our reach on the fit while still providing a very comfortable position to cruise from (so hard to resist the pun, but we did!). To improve braking feel we went with Jagwire's Elite Brake Housing.


Ready to roll off into the summer's sunset!



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