Announcing the Colnago C64

08 Feb, 2018

Introducing the Colnago C64. Completely handmade in Italy, with revolutionary tubes (larger, lighter, more durable), the C64 is the fruit of more than two years of research. Yet, it was designed based on an almost immeasurable history of cycling innovation and success – one which began in 1954. The C64’s tubes and lugs are made of the finest carbon fiber, making it a unique frame in the world – one that cannot be compared to anything else. In the C64’s design lies Ernesto Colnago’s knowledge and experience, gained from a lifelong pursuit of cycling perfection.

Rim brake models are available now in very limited quantities with disc brake models being released this April.

This is one of the first C64 frames to be assembled in Colnago's Cambiago HQ.  Although the build up is first class, the focus of this is the bike itself. It is rare that a Dura Ace 9150 build kit with EE Brakes, Enve wheels and cockpit takes a back seat, but this is one of those occasions.


While it was unlikely a single person every complained about the C60, Colnago has made some tweaks to improve what many already considering perfect.  The frame is now 200-300 grams lighter depending on the size. The front end is stiffer and the rear end is more compliant. Gone is the 31.6 rear round seatpost. In its place it a bespoke Colnago D-shaped post and seatpost taken from the V series.  Making the bike lighter, more aero (for what that is worth) and more comfortable. Also an internal seat wedge replaces the old collar for less weight and a cleaner look.  It required Colnago to make a bespoke seat post for each frame size, 14 in all.


Another key area where Colnago completely changed the technology is the chainstay/dropout area. The C64’s dropouts are now fully part of the chainstays. The one-piece construction allowed
Colnago to lower the weight, add vertical compliance, and retain the same lateral stiffness. 

The disc-brake frameset features threaded 12mm thru-axles and co-molded flat-mount brake provisions. The rim-brake chainstays are a bit wider than the disc version, to help keep the same rear stiffness due to the lack of the thru-axle. This results in a very light but stiff full carbon rear end. The replaceable derailleur hanger is the same, internally mounted hanger used on all of the current Colnago road rim-brake frames. The lightweight seat stay is designed around very wide tires, and houses the alloy threaded inserts for direct-mount brakes. There is ample clearance for 28's on both bikes (the specific rim brake being the limiting factor).


Designed around the proven ThreadFit82.5, which is basically a PressFit with removable base sleeves, the bottom bracket lug is now more sophisticated than ever.  Another small detail is the hex shape on the side of the downtube insert, which is Colnago's datum point to check anything during the bonding of the frame and, later, the QC process. Another striking difference is the asymmetric insertion of the chainstays, with the left one being much wider.


Based on the experience Colnago had with the Concept’s headset, they wanted to bring that technology to this model as well. Colnago revised the upper cups, which are now made of a special polymer composed of carbon fiber and a special mix of nylon and elastomers. This feature offers the additional capacity to absorb road vibration, improving both handling and rider comfort.

While still retaining the same overall shape as the C60, the C64’s headtube features a new technology which allowed them to reduce the thickness and lower the weight. The shape was also revised to increase side stiffness. As was the case with the entire frame, the headtube was changed from an outer 3k carbon finish to a lighter UD finish (not pictured on this frame, but on the 'standard' paint jobs below)


The C64’s fork has been fully redesigned, with an external rib-shape to give the rider more comfort (front stiffness) but also to increase the ride-quality (side stiffness). To increase the stiffness and strength, Colnago created an internal rib in the steerer tube, which also holds the nut for the top cap and eliminates the need for an expander-plug. 

The C64 Disc fork will feature a C/D steerer tube shape, where the brake housing can run from the stem – for a neat assembly. The thru-axle, while still 12mm like the C60 Disc, is now a threaded
system to further reduce the weight of the bike. Dropouts are now full carbon – replacing the alloy
dropouts used on the C60.


We are very excited to be carrying the new C64. This bike is now on display in our shop.  There will probably be an initial backlog of disc brake frame production, so we suggest to put your order in ASAP to get into the queue.  Please contact us if you have any questions, [email protected]



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