Argon 18 Electron Pro

18 Feb, 2018

Track Beast

This Argon 18 Electron Pro is a rare treat for us. Not too many of our customers run track, but for the next two years the USA Cycling Track Master Nationals will be at Trexlertown, PA  and Northeast Velodrome up in Londonderry, NH  started up racing last year.  While most of us just see track bikes around town under a bike messenger, this one is for going fast as hell and turning left.

Built up for Individual Pursuit, this bike is full of features to dial the rider into the perfect position to achieve optimal speed.  


From head on, there is no doubt about how much this bike can cut through the wind. The current thought process is that by getting the pads as high and as close together as possible while being able to breath, you are going to be faster than low and wide.  Thus, the large amount of stack from the base bar to pad.  The client's back is perfectly flat in this position despite the high position of the elbow pads (since elbows are closer to the shoulder than the hands). On his road bike he runs around 10 cm. Not bad for someone over 60. It turns out stretching works!  A nice detail is the brace that connects the pads to each other to ensure a solid connection when torquing the bars under acceleration.DSC_0001.JPG#asset:810

The cockpit is adjustable in 3 axes with 320 possible configurations to fine-tune the fit. Note the very trick looking headset cap to ensure smooth airflow over the bike.


So clean


Upfront a 53T FSA chainring and crankset turns a Keirin-approved black and gold Izumu chain. Speedplay pedals are the weapon of choice to get the power to the crank.


Standard fare on a track bike, the Argon 18 has adjustable horizontal dropouts. The stainless steel construction is durable, and are replaceable if need be. The Zipp Super 9 rear wheel is light and fast. With a foam core and their patented dimples, this wheel shreds air.


ISM saddle will not have that much pressure on it during an all out effort with a lot of the rider's weight going to the pedals, but it does allow for this client to really get his pelvis rotated forward. Note the adjustment range of the saddle clamp.


The non-drive side shares the similar dropout.  You can see the beautiful gloss red paint on the inside of the chainstays and behind the seatpost as well as inside the fork.  This looks even better in person.


Is it Spring yet? Maybe time to book a plane ticket and take this baby on a trip to turn some pedals in anger.



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