Featured Build: Mosaic Coupler Couple

Mark Strasnick on 10 Jan, 2018

Traveling together in style

This pair of S&S Coupler Equipped Mosaic GT-2 bikes were custom made for a couple looking to enjoy riding around the world without sacrificing fit. Both required a bit more stack and less reach than what was offered off the shelf.  In addition, regardless of the fit issues, there is also something to be said about being on your own bike instead of a rental when traveling. That is where the S&S Couplers come in.

Both custom Mosaic GT-2s are built with Ultegra Di2 and TRP Spyre mechanical pull disc brakes for ease of maintenance and dis-assembly. Both bikes enjoy full fender coverage via Enve's carbon front fender on their GRD Fork and Velo Orange rear fender.  Wanting to be able to explore some of Europe's rougher roads with comfort, the bikes have Mavic Ksyrium All Road wheels with a larger width tire that can safely be run at a lower PSI for increased comfort and traction. They also have a higher spoke count and a slightly wider inner width to be able to run an even larger tire without issue.


As a special touch,each bike has a customed etched phrase motto.

Kia kaha- 'Stay Strong' is a Māori phrase used by the people of New Zealand meaning stay strong, used as an affirmation.

Please note the upper of the two couplers from S&S.


Per aspera ad astra - "through hardships to the stars" is a Latin phrase that has been a popular motto across cultures.

Zipp SC parts were utilized on this build due to their durability and reasonable price.


The finish utilizes Mosaic's "Ghost" finish and etching, as well as the model of bike itself. You also can see the upper fender mount and rear axle detail.


The bottom coupler and some beautiful weld work.  One of the many benefits of Mosaic's Titanium frame range is the ability to use a Threaded Bottom Bracket. While there are great options these days for keeping a Press Fit BB creak-free, nothing is as in-expensive and effective as a good old BSA BB.


More detail of the bottom coupler and quick-disconnect brake line. Speedplay Zero and Ultra Light Action pedals are a shop favorite. Unlike other road systems, you can clip in on either side and they offer, by far, the greatest range of fit options compared to any other system on the market.


Rear brake and gear detail.  50/34 front chain ring and a 11-32 rear cassette for the widest range of gearing possible. Disc brakes standards have settled on flat mounts and a 12mm thru axle, which is perfect, if you ask us.


Mosaic offers rear fender mounts to have a quality full coverage rear fender securely attached.


Supacaz tape has been extremely popular since we brought it in when the company was just starting out.  Every generation has gotten better and better.  Soft, supple and well cushioned without being too much. The latest generation has the best texture to date, it keeps your hands on the bars when soaked with rain or sweat and it doesn't tear them up if you ride sans gloves. While not shown here, it is also offered in more colors than you can imagine.


Chris King headsets are not only second to none when it comes to quality, they also are offered in a variety of colors. Mango on her bike, offered a nice pop of color.  You can also see the top of the carbon front fender and some of the tread detail on the All-Road tires. Although not visible, the front fender clips into recessed holes located on the inside of the fork a few inches down from the crown.


Front axle detail. Again, a 12mm thru axle up front. Just remember you 5mm allen key! You can also see where the front fender clips onto the bottom of the fork.


The bike is ready to pack up and go with about an hour to two of dis-assembly and packing on each. Although it is not difficult to pack, there is a certain amount of mechanical skill required.  In this case, we spent an afternoon with the couple going over how to properly pack each bike and then re-assemble them. The couple then followed that up with a good amount of practice and some questions.  We are happy to say that they have made it to their maiden voyage without issue.


The bikes are ready for the road ahead without any additional baggage fees as both of those cases are standard checked baggage size. 



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