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27 Jan, 2018

Necessity not Luxury

While we build some very cool high-end bikes, we also sell quite a few shoes designed to be used indoor on spin bikes.  Within a few miles of the shop, there is Soul Cycle, B/SPOKE, Flywheel, Rev'd, Cycle Bar, Equinox, Lifetime, BSC as well as others.  Or at home with Peloton bikes as well.  Many riders will go to 3-5 classes per week and either use sneakers or rental shoes. While doing a class here and there on those is not bad, when you start to ramp up the (virtual) miles, you really open yourself up to injury and plain discomfort by not having a proper shoe set up to your body.

Recently Aly Raymer, who is B/SPOKE'S Senior Lead Instructor, stopped by to pick up a new pair of shoes.  For those who earn their living on the bike being comfortable and staying injury free, having proper fitting spin shoes is paramount.  We have recently been working with multiple instructors from B/SPOKE, Soul Cycle, Rev'd, Flywheel and a few other local spin studios. 


While looks are great, nothing is more important than fit when it comes to a performance athletic shoe.  We have access to dozens of cycling shoes, but generally just stock the models that we know work best for different types of feet and are the best performance for the price.  The same process we go through with client's buying $15,000 bikes from us, is the same process we use for dialing in the perfect shoe for our spin clients.  The shoe models are also the same, although we stock some extra models with SPD cleats that are more geared for spinning. 


No two people's feet are the same, and rarely are both feet the same. We work with our clients to understand the proper fit for the shoe to work as designed.  Then we figure out what model will suit them best. The starting pricepoint of a good spin shoe is around $150-200, with some models ranging up to $400.  The good news is that they will last you a very long time.  Unlike a running shoe that wears out after 500 miles, a cycling shoe will last around 20,000 miles of normal use, if not more. So the cost per use is pennies on the dollar compared to almost any other shoe one would buy.


The cleat fitting is just as important as determining the right shoe.  We also will use semi or full custom insoles and wedges to achieve the best alignment and fit.


The difference of a few millimeters forward or back, left or right or a few degrees one direction or the other can change the shoe from super comfortable to un-rideable.  With our cleat fitting ($45 with the purchase of a shoe and cleat, or $75 on an existing shoe) we include follow ups so that if something needs further adjustment, we take care of it.


Ready to ride!DSC_1181.jpg#asset:792

Here is what Aly Raymer has to say about her shoes:

I have always had my own spin shoes.  I guess the idea of sharing shoes with really sweaty strangers bothered me. 🤷🏼‍♀️ In my opinion, everyone needs their own (preferably selected for their foot!) spin shoes because like running, we are on our feet most of the workout. Having your own shoes that truly fit you will help make your ride stronger, safer and way more comfortable. Our feet exert pressure in different ways depending on our anatomy. Finding just the right spot for your cleat helps you target the correct muscle groups for a powerful ride. Creating just the right amount of arch support helps you evenly distribute your weight on the pedals and, most importantly, having a shoe that fits your foot snugly in the right places allows you to ride with confidence without smudging or straining your toes / arches.

Enter Apex Velo...a small, beautiful shop in Newton that houses some of the nicest bicycles I have seen, as well as the most knowledgeable staff I have ever met. They are experts at fit and design and appreciate their customers by treating each individual with care. You would never imagine what goes into accurately fitting a spin shoe, but every test and measurement is taken to ensure your shoes are exactly right.  What I love about visiting the shop is that I know I will walk away with something I love that is custom fit to my feet. They are awesome about searching for what you want (even color wise!) and will even place a special order if need be. They are amazing at answering any and all questions you may have. I cannot recommend Apex Velo enough. We are lucky to be partnering with such a great crew!



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