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Helmets are mandatory on all rides.

Current rides are weather dependent. Please check our Facebook page for updates.


Fast Group Only: Averaging 20-22 mph paceline.


Normally a single group: Although we usually average around 18 mph for approximately 40 miles, there are some faster segments after which we make sure to pause to re-group.  We will switch back and forth between the South route through Dover/Medfield and the North route through Concord.  We stop midway for coffee/conversation.

Thursday is an all out, rip your legs off, full gas ride.  We generally have three distinct 'races.'

1)End of Claybrook on the last lap of Haven/Main/Claybrook (we do two laps)

2)To the top of Strawberry Hill (be super careful on the way down as it is a two way road)

3) At the end of Greendale

Sunday's Coffee Shop Ride Details

Have you ever wanted to learn how to draft and ride in a group? Well this is the perfect place to gain those skills!  If you can ride over 32 miles in two hours, you should be able to hang with the group without issue.  For racers and faster riders, this is a relaxed recovery ride. This is a great opportunity to learn all of the tips and tricks to riding in a group. 

While many riders treat it as a social ride, others would like to test their legs. Therefore we are going to do 4 'sprint points/races' - 1st- Haven/Claybrook Sprint; 2nd- Bridge to Dover HS KOM; 3rd- Strawberry Hill KOM; 4th- Greendale Sprint.

In case you want to write on your stem (maybe put a piece of tape down and write on that, or print and cut out and put over with clear tape) here are the miles for the 'races.'
9.5-13 (Haven-Claybrook)
21-22 (Bridge St -Dover High School)
31-31.5 (Strawberry Hill)
38 (Greendale Ave)

Except for those four sections, we will be aiming for an 18mph pace. In order to maintain the civility of the group, we will strictly enforce this pace.

In addition, we sometimes do a loop heading North to Concord.

Please check on Facebook when there is a possibility of cancellation because of poor weather.

For any questions, please contact us at [email protected]

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Thursday Night Hammer Ride

Sunday Coffee Ride (South) A Group

Sunday Coffee Ride

Claybrook Road

Strawberry Hill

South Street

Loop of Farm Pond

Pegan Hill Climb

Barry's TT Loop


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