Take a properly-fit bicycle home for a week to ride before buying. 

Demo Fleet


  • BMC SLR01 with Ultegra Di2
  • BMC GF02 with Ultegra Di2
  • Scott Solace with Ultegra and 105


  • Enve 2.2
  • Enve 3.4
  • Enve 4.5
  • Enve 6.7
  • Zipp 303 (rim and disc brake)
  • Zipp 404
  • Zipp 808

Power Meter

  • Stages Dura Ace

We believe that no bike can be properly selected by riding it around the parking lot for 10 minutes.

At Apex Velo we have adopted a higher standard.

As a fit studio, we understand the importance of fit. It is the single most important part of the bicycle purchase.  As such, we apply your fit coordinates to all demo bicycles.

That's right, we don't test bikes here. We demo them. You can take a properly fit bicycle of your dreams home for a week to ride. Take it on your regular ride or try some new routes.

We want you to fully experience the bicycle. This can only occur if the bike is custom tailored and configured to your specification.

When you have had the opportunity to experience the bike, return to demo another bicycle tailored your exact numbers. This will allow you to note the differences between models, without any unintentional variables to cloud the experience.

We want you to truly know what owning a bike is like before having to buy it. By utilizing our large demo fleet, you can accomplish this. Ride 25, 50, or a 100 miles on the roads you know best.

We challenge you to truly evaluate how a bike rides. Never tried electronic shifting, a modern carbon frame, or even a road bike before? You can now. To truly evaluate a bike or a component, it takes more than a few minutes in the parking lot. Give yourself the opportunity to experience the professional way to select your next bicycle. 

All we need is an ID and credit card to make sure our insurance company is happy, and you can enjoy a complimentary, week long demo.



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